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With full control over UGC (user generated content), you can formulate effective and creative digital campaigns based on events, mentions, hashtags, etc. Leave the competition and similar campaigns behind, create your own story.

Permission Based

There is a special permission system on With a simple click you ask for media owner's permission and we do the rest.

Seamless Integration

Easily embed your into your website in seconds. Just a few lines of code like Analytics. You may also use it as a slider on your home page.

Support & Enhance Your Social Family

Do not walk alone on social platforms. Take your fans, influencers and many other people on your side. Make their voice heard.

Effective Referral Marketing

On your web site you will be presenting referrals to your brand and your products in visual format. This will be very important to anyone who will visit your web site.

Turn Visuals Into Sales

If you want, you may easily give links to your products on your e-commerce web site and generate direct revenue from visuals.

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You can make any media on Instagram shoppable with! Permission based.

With full control over visual content, you can formulate effective and creative digital campaigns based on mentions, hashtags, events and more.

You can easily embed your storefront into your website in seconds (ie. No coding skills required. You may also use it as a carousel on your home page.

Tag your products/services to Instagram media, generate revenue and turn your social media efforts into commercial results. Your fans and brand ambassadors are eager to share media on Instagram. Make their voice heard.

Facebook Store
Facebook Store


Use Facebook store as well. Just add it to your Facebook Page as a tab and encourage your fans to buy.

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Boost Mobile and Social Conversion with "Real Life" Media


Don't get stuck in ordinary projects. With full control over visual content, you can formulate effective and creative digital campaigns now. offers a perfect fit for every sector.

  • Event Based Campaign: Shopping Malls, Hotels, Stands, Company Events and Retail Stores may encourage social users to publish media taken at their location to motivate all social media users to visit and engage with their location.
  • Mention & Hashtag Based Campaigns: FMCG, Finance, Retail, Automotive, Watch and Fashion companies may promote media with certain hashtags for community building (ie. #my…style) or brand communication purposes (brand slogan ie. #livethemoment)
  • Referral Based Campaigns: "Real Life" media from your fans, influencers, brand ambassadors or any 'Real' people, act as a great referral for individuals. Use it to support your brand.
  • E-commerce Based Campaigns: Collect lifestyle media tagged with any hashtag on Instagram (with permission), simply tag your products to these media and use it on-site to generate social revenue.
Create visual campaigns with Instagram UGC

Fans, Brand Ambassadors, Influencers and Many Others

Make Them Heard. Spread the Positive Feedback

Here are Some Happy Brands That Use Buy Social UGC

Brands that use Buy Social


Average customer sees 5000+ marketing messages per day. They are tired of similar promises made with similar visuals, all this push marketing.


With, they will come to you because their friends/family use your product/service.

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